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For nearly a century, Chatham House has been promoting the exchange of ideas and discussion relating to international politics, economics and law.The resulting competition of ideas has done much to advance the Institute’s goal of helping to build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world.

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During my time – some would characterize it as my considerable time – as an antitrust lawyer, I have seen the U. move in the direction of a more coherent and consistent approach to competition enforcement.

Antitrust officials – whether Republican or Democrat, whether at the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission – have pursued fact-based and analytically sound enforcement and demonstrated a commitment to transparency and fair process.

We must call it like we see it, without undue influence from any quarter.

Our focus needs to be on ensuring that consumers benefit from a vibrant competitive process.

Enforcement decisions need to be fact-based, analytically sound and legally grounded.