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Three years after graduation, in 2008, the couple was living together in the East Village. She was flipping through back issues of Glamour when she came across the recipe and decided to write a blog, “Engagement Chick,” about getting her beau to put a ring on it — via the chicken. I was out of town on a business trip and came back and walked in the door, dropped my suitcase, and Lindsey’s standing there in the kitchen, holding a roasting pan with an apron underneath a shirt that says ‘I Love AP,’ ” recalls Perlstein, who works as a senior media buyer for Wieden Kennedy, an ad agency. “Soon after eating the chicken, it wasn’t a conscious thing, but I just found myself getting an engagement ring made,” admits Myers, who lives in The Bronx and owns Main Drag Music in Williamsburg.

“I’m like, ‘OK, when is this ring happening already? The day after Perlstein gobbled up the bird, Unterberger came clean about her blog and the recipe’s intent.

Beth wants you to marry her.’ ” Stern immediately called his girlfriend, live on the air, and told her the jig was up. 14, 2007, her radio-personality beau (who famously vowed never to marry again) popped the question.

“I was busted,” admits Ostrosky, who had torn the title off the recipe page as a precaution, just in case Stern happened to see it lying around. “I think [Stern proposed] because of the way it was going with us. The dish originated in the offices of the magazine in the ’90s, when Kim Bonnell — then a fashion editor — developed a recipe for a simple roast chicken that was inspired by a trip to Italy.

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Bonnell, now the mother of a college-age son, always came to the rescue, passing along her simple, delicious chicken recipe, which calls for only lemons, herbs, salt and pepper.