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“I’ll tell my friends in actual college, ‘So, this is what Zoey’s getting into this week.’ And they’ll be, like, ‘Yup, that happens.’” Zoey navigates some universal experiences for incoming students in the series premiere, such as making new friends (not as easy as she thought), avoiding roommate drama (ditto) and dealing with her sobbing father, Andre (Anthony Anderson), who can’t quite believe his little girl has left the nest.Shahidi, 17, spoke with The Post by phone the week before Christmas, before heading to Cancun for a family vacation. That was a fun challenge because Zoey for the past three seasons [on “Black-ish”] — even though she definitely evolved — we haven’t seen her in many environments other than her home. Within the context of “Black-ish,” she’s been very protected.

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You hope to concentrate on social studies and African-American studies. I describe what I want to do in the future as being policy-adjacent, which can be translated in many ways.

An obvious translation is possibility working in a nonprofit space.

Similarly, if you are going to do business with a big corporation, there is no harm in checking the past of the corporation, and also if they have been ever been involved in cases of forgery or bounced checks.

If the records reveal that the person or the company with which you are going to do business have not been working according to law, you can choose to stay away.

But it felt [like], on some level, that she needed to find other challenges, which is something I understand and sympathize with.”For more on Britton’s exit, watch the video below.