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” No, but that knowledge can certainly help you later in your career. However, if you do want to become a developer, especially if getting started has been a daunting task, then VBA might be the perfect way to jump in.

Whether you are a casual Excel user, entry-level programmer, or experienced programmer, there are benefits to learning VBA. For starters, it will allow you to increase your efficiency for 99 percent of tasks that could be performed in Excel–plus other Microsoft Office products. He’s a business analyst who spends the majority of his time on data entry, making pivot tables, V-Lookups, and using simple formulas to manage his clients’ financial data.

Breaking into the world of programming is a bit like starting to work out at the gym; it’s tiring and frustrating at first and it might take a while to see results that you are happy with.

While I can’t help you with your workout, I have learned VBA (the hard way), and I’m here to share what I’ve learned so that you do not have to experience the frustration that I had to.

Do you think automation would be a bonus, rather than a threat to you, if you knew how to automate your own job?