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That way, in a few years time when he decide he's famous enough to "come out" he won't have lied about his love life, and he won't be surreptitiously busted with blurry photo's kissing some guy at a concert or whatever.

It's either that, or he marries some beard & adopts 2 kids like some other superstar we know, and I'm pretty sure, probably pretty much lives a celibate life anyway.

I hope people will think first before feeding that hate, here. He may be using Caitriona Balfe as 'virtual beard' but not Nell Hudson.

Nell has said that Sam is in Thailand, which has destroyed samcait shippers fantasies about Sam spending these holidays with Cait in Costa Rica.

As opposed to Outlander, there is tongue kissing and nipple sucking. Yeah, I'm a straight girl, but not seeing how that stage role looks real where as the OL love scenes are so hot and so real looking. haha R16, Real looking was his scene with Black Jack, the lavender scene.