Dylan sprouse dating anyone

"And Charles was one of the first actors who came in, and he had it tough because since we had had everyone else cast, we made him read with KJ, we made him read with Cole, we made him read with Ashleigh for various reasons, because he has stories with all three of them.

He’s a lot angrier than he was in season one," Cole said.

"He gets himself into a lot of trouble because of his loyalty and honor to his family and friends, and it begins to make him question where his allegiance lies and what that means for his character — if it means stepping back again or if it means putting a foot back in.

Well, we just had to round up every detail we know so far about what has happened and what's still to come. There will be 22 episodes this season though, which gives us plenty more to obsess over. The actors who play your faves are all the best of friends off-screen too and tbh, they post the cutest, most hilarious pictures, videos and tweets about each other, especially when they're filming in Vancouver.

Let's break down all the big questions fans for sure have so you can mentally prepare for more episodes that will be coming soon: Season 2 premiered on Oct. But as close as the cast is, not everyone will be back.

But there is one person who's forever shipping the couple: Cole, as in Jughead himself.