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In the summer TV2 Zulu tours Denmark with an outdoor cinema, Zulu Sommerbio (Zulu Summercinema).

In the cinema you get access to newly released movies for free, and in the meantime on the TV channel, TV2 Zulu broadcasts movies, sorted by themes for the different weeks.

From 1 November 2009 all Danish television broadcasting became digital with DVB-T and MPEG4 standard.

At the time, TV 2 did not encrypt their main channel, but TV 2 ZULU, TV 2 CHARLIE, TV 2 FRI, TV 2 NEWS and TV 2 SPORT are subscription only channels.

TV2 Zulu has been noted for Danish comedy shows and programmes such as Langt fra Las Vegas, Gustne Gensyn, P. S., Klovn and FC Zulu, the latter of which was nominated for an International Emmy in 2005 for best Non-scripted Entertainment.

From 2000 to 2007, TV2 Zulu broadcast live NFL games.

Every place Zulu Sommerbio visits they stay 3–5 days, and on the last day, the audience gets to decide the last movie, via a vote on the television stations website.