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This is a list of characters in the American remake version of the supernatural drama-comedy television series Being Human based on the British hit series of the same name.The series stars Sam Witwer, Aidan Waite (Sam Witwer) is the American counterpart of Mitchell from the original British series, named after the actor who played Mitchell in the original series.This results in a nasty turn of events when Aiden forms a bond with a neighborhood child named Bernie, who reminds him of Isaac, and the boy accidentally found Rebecca's DVD with Aidan branded a sex offender and unable to save Bernie after he was mortally wounded.

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When Aidan discovers that Bishop has begun recruiting new vampires from dying hospital patients against his wishes, he confronts the hospital chaplain who has been turned into a vampire by Bishop while he was dying of a terminal cancer.

Aidan manages to de-fang the chaplain, rendering him unable to feed on blood any more.

He is a quiet, calm, soft-spoken, and somewhat jaded vampire who is 257 years old, having been sired by Bishop during the American Revolution.

Though he attempted to live to with his wife Suzanna and their son Isaac, Aidan ends up losing them due to a preacher who lusts for Suzanna and ultimately drowns her on the grounds that she is a witch.

He offers to turn her into a vampire, but she declines while hiding the actual reason why she did not leave Montreal with him.