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It might sound like a lot of effort but dealers will need to do this before they sell the car and they'll price it down accordingly.Specialists can also repair interior damage, such as holes in the dash caused by mobile device holders. I once had a car's interior treated with ozone to remove the smell from a food fiasco.It's down to which maker has registered the most models.

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We are hoping for over 100 and people with all types of military vehicles are invited to attend. Southern Cross Street Cruisers 13th Annual Car Show & 12th Annual Swap Meet Orange Show Ground, Leeds Parade The Southern Cross Street Cruisers are supporting local Charities.

in 2018 it will be Year of the Land Rover and we encourage people with ex-military Land Rovers to bring them along.

Philip Nothard from CAP told me: "Buyers need to look beyond what might seem to be a very attractive price on the windscreen and look at the vehicle's whole-life cost.

They should consider the discount they could get from a new vehicle at the same dealer.

With prices starting under £13,000, the Rapid sits between the Fabia and Octavia.

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