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“John Searle does not want to talk to Aleph,” he claimed.

Barnett, who has been engaged in ongoing dialogue with the JCCV president as well as other membersof the Jewish community, public office holders and leaders in the gay and lesbian community, has repeatedly accused some communal organisations and individuals of homophobia.

”When I first saw them I didn’t think they were human.

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The program began with 10-weeks of state-funding to help elderly Jews record their histories for their children and grandchildren.

Eleven years later, it has produced 85 books and another six anthologies of shorter stories, and is about to link up with Monash University.

”It’s not just an episode in the lives of Jewish people, it’s important for all humanity.

There are witnesses who will never forget it, but for how much longer?

“Our donations were the lowest they have ever been in the history of the association over the past high holy days.” While the search for a new, part-time rabbi is undertaken, Rabbi Ben Hassan, a shaliach at Leibler Yavneh College, will lead services.