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Numerous success stories have also been reported, where people have found the ‘love of their life’ via Tinder (Scribner, 2014).

Tinder is marketed as a social networking app that is typically used as a dating app or for making new friends in new places (Newall, 2015).

The app is designed to be quick and easy to use, with a simple platform that is sleek and visually attractive.

Women are also often held responsible for any negative impacts that may come as a result of sexual activity (Beres & Farvid, 2010).

Although such discourses have undergone some shifts since Hollway’s analysis (as discussed below), they continue to underpin how we understand contemporary male and female heterosexual sexuality.

It is quite common for media accounts to position new technologies that enhance women’s sexual or spatial mobilities as the cause of sexual risk or violence.