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error updating locale cisco 7911-40error updating locale cisco 7911-56

I can tell you the phone is certainly trying to pull XMLDedfault with the SEP sccp load.

BTW, SEP stands for Selsius Internet Phone, Selsious was the company Cisco bought out to get the CUCM technology in 1998.

The PC traffic travels across the same connection without the 802.1Q tag inserted.

This formatting all got screwed up when they migrated this site recently to the new ‘look and feel’. Registers, majority of functions working, and i have the phone receiving video from Jitsi softphone, but its not sending.

Is there something basic I am missing to get the cisco phones to register? I thought using the newest version of asterisk may make it easier to get the video working. I havent been able to find many sources since Fonality shutdown the forums. I only found that out by trial and error when tracing the files they actually request from the TFTP server.