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The suffix -chan is typically added to a girl's name as a term of endearment. Outside of family, the suffix -kun typically implies a relationship between an authority (the caller) and a subordinate.Thus, it is often used by teachers calling on male students, and a boss or supervisor calling on male employees.Russian has a wide variety of diminutive forms for names, to the point that for non-Russian speakers it can be difficult to connect a nickname to the original.

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The same occurs with hypocorisms as, for example, Luisim instead of Luisinho.

For females, -inha (diminutive) is the most used in Portuguese; augmentatives are uncommon.

Addition of a diminutive suffix, usually -ie or -y, often to an already shortened name. Although most often applied to the names of children, it is not uncommon for an adult to be referred to by the diminutive, especially by family, friends and close acquaintances: Also, initials of complex names are often used as the hypocorism, e.g.: Brandon William → B W → B Dub Esperanto forms nicknames by suffixing -njo (for females) and -ĉjo (for males) to the first letter(s) of the basic name or word.

Informal French has a number of diminutive nicknames, although not as systematically as in English.

This is also a difference between French and Breton: the diminutive ending "...ig" in Breton is only used as a temporary form for young children, while "...ick" is official and permanent in French names, and has lost his sense of a diminutive.

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