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Until the end of the cold war, Perm did not appear on certain Soviet-made maps, nor did the roads towards it. Actually, it currently is one of Russia's fastest growing cities because of its economical prosperity.Click here for specific information for visitors: Perm sightseeing / excursions and Perm hotels.

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The city was formerly called Molotov, after the minister of foreign affairs during Joseph Stalin's ruling.

Perm stretches 65 km along the impressive Kama River - Europe's 4th largest river by length.

Citizens still loudly celebrate Perm's birthday on 12th of June, with street parades, concerts and fireworks throughout the whole city!

In spite of being a relatively young city, Perm played an important role in the history of Russia.

The Perm province, "Permskiy Krai", or "Prikamye", is around two-third the size of the United Kingdom and covers a great area in the very heart of the Ural Mountains.