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Tom Warren of the Verge got messages that appeared to be from a former Microsoft employee and a Microsoft PR representative.The bad guys are still out there pounding on the system that has allowed this to go on for the last few months.

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As of Sunday November 13, it is not possible to merge the accounts, so you’re done until Microsoft takes further steps.

Skype was an independent company when it first appeared in 2003.

Try this first: • Log in to https://account.with your There is good reason to believe that you will no longer be able to be hacked after you do that.

If “Skype name” does not appear under “Sign-in preferences,” try this as your next step: • Log in to your and create a new password That won’t be the end of it!

The ones I’ve seen have been disguised as a fake Forbes web page. It’s obvious from lengthy threads on Skype support forums that it’s happening to many hundreds of people at least, but I suspect it’s more widespread than that.