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Whilst coming soon, those building Id M solutions now face either a mix of host operating systems for the various FIM components, or a move to Share Point 2013.

In essence it’s not a big deal - a basic Share Point deployment is reasonably straightforward in the grand scheme of things, and in comparison to building out a scalable, available and secure Id M platform its toy computers.

So if not functional reasons, why should we care about Share Point 2013? After all there’s no point making things more complicated than necessary, right?

It all comes down to one thing, and that is Windows Server 2012.

Thus farm deployment aspects are generally not well understood by FIM practitioners which leads to a number of common deployment and operational challenges.

Indeed the FIM documentation strongly suggests a “stand alone” installation of Share Point is best, as it insulates the practitioner from a lot of the deployment steps.

As we know the FIM Portal is based upon Share Point and installs into an existing site collection, thus Share Point is a pre-requisite for the FIM Portal.