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They’re nomadic herders who live on the Mongolian steppe.It was a beautiful place: blue skies and rolling green plains as far as the eye could see and, in the middle of it all, his family’s little white ger [Mongolian tent].

One thing Bataa does find difficult is Western consumerism.

Nomads regularly pack up and move on, so too much stuff is an encumbrance.

Most importantly, the geographic mismatch between precipitation, infrastructure, and water demand could turn out to be particularly acute for countries like Mongolia, especially as these patterns can switch in space through time.► We reconstruct streamflow in an agriculturally important region of Mongolia.

► We also analyze an earlier reconstruction to examine the full breadbasket region.

RCS growth of both species was negatively correlated with winter temperatures, but Mongolian pine depended most strongly on previous December to current February temperatures and Dahurian larch depended most strongly on March temperatures. We found similar long-term changes of tree-ring δC in the two species.