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Are there actual customers out there who want to buy it? The reality is, in business, if you want to have the best chance of succeeding, rather than coming up with a great idea that nobody has come up with yet and hoping there is a market for; instead find out what people are already buying and create a service/product that fills that existing need.The truth is, in most cases if something isn't being done already; it's not because nobody has thought of it before, but rather people have already tried it and it's failed because there is no market for it.Rather, the URL exists because of recent Chinese history: before the availability of broadband internet, users had to dial 163 to get online.

In addition, Net Ease has ventures in e-commerce, with offerings such as Kaola, a cross-border e-commerce platform, and Wangyibao, an online payment system.

Other online products offered include online video entertainment services: Bobo and CC.

Net Ease is one of the providers of free e-mail services in China, offering features such as voice search and facial recognition.

Net Ease also offers fee-based premium e-mail services for corporate users.

In partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., Net Ease operates some international online games in China, including World of Warcraft, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Star Craft II and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.