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Put simply there wasn't any roads to transport the aid.

Alright maybe Patricia is a bit too technical in some of her objections, but the truth is that most, if not all, famines since the early to mid-20th century were man made and Ethiopia's was the worst example of it.

It would have been nicer to try to create a sense of common humanity ("if only I could help shoulder some of your pain" instead of "whew, thank the Lord it happened to you and not me").

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Don't know about the proceeds from this song, but all the Live Aid food rotted in the harbors of Ethiopia cuz the communist dictators wouldn't let it in cuz they were starving people who lived in areas that were causing the govt trouble.

I'm sure not everyone who gave money to that stuff had big wads of cash sitting around to spare.

This song only made it looked good with its music and nothing else but hypocrisy.

Anyone who doesn't realize the line "Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you" is sarcasm or satire is truly a freaking idiot and I pity them for not being intelligent enough to grasp that. What I don't understand is why 1) you have to perpetuate false stereotypes of Africa to get a message across, 2) create an "us/them" dichotomy by asking me to thank God it's them instead of me.

Band Aid may not even know if their money ever got to Ethiopia, but they we're doing something to help someone. Now, instead of bickering and complaining, maybe you should do something too.

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    Three of the posts (and possibly four) were in an east-west alignment which may have had ritual significance.

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