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It was through the already established Japanese electronics and toy corporations that the arcade, home console, and personal computer markets were established.

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[…] Japan's video-game industry emerged out of corporate sponsorships in arcades, toys and consumer electronics industries and drew skills from the comic book and animated-film sectors… After an historical overview of each of these sectors, I will conclude with some major consequences of the contribution of the Japanese video game industry on the global level.

If, as stated by Kline et al., “[t]he invention of the video game could not have taken place without …

This aforementioned discourse nevertheless underlies an assumption firmly rooted in video game studies and historical accounts of video games: it is as if the only manifestation of the Japanese video game industry had been made on a global level, while the specific development of the industry on the Japanese territory had never existed.

Unfortunately, these assumptions tend to neglect the complex geopolitical and socioeconomic negotiations taking place on Japanese territory -- before, during, and even after the creation of a global media complex -- forming tangible distinctions between the Japanese and the North American (or European) market as each tries to divert and capture these flows.

In this article, I will highlight some significant historical features[3] related to the emergence of video games in Japan to show that there is indeed a local market that has been shaped from the outset in a specific context, which led to the emergence ofgeemu.