Sql updating multiple rows based on a select statement directionondating com

All other references to the object in the FROM clause must include an object alias.

A view with an INSTEAD OF UPDATE trigger cannot be a target of an UPDATE with a FROM clause.

Table1', ' U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo. Table2', ' U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo. Table1 (Col A int NOT NULL, Col B decimal(10,3) NOT NULL); GO CREATE TABLE dbo. If the UPDATE statement could change more than one row while updating both the clustering key and one or more text, ntext, or image columns, the partial update to these columns is executed as a full replacement of the values.

Table2 (Col A int PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, Col B decimal(10,3) NOT NULL); GO INSERT INTO dbo. Important The ntext, text, and image data types will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server.

For example, a partial update of a varchar(max) column might delete or modify only the first 200 characters of the column, whereas a full update would delete or modify all the data in the column. WRITE updates that insert or append new data are minimally logged if the database recovery model is set to bulk-logged or simple.

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