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If it's a trip, one of you researches hotels, flights or driving routes and costs; the other investigates restaurants, attractions and events.

Spend an evening putting your information together, and book it. Reflect and note how you've grown and grown together.

He goes in big time." On November 8, 2016, Kensington Palace confirmed their boyfriend-girlfriend status while defending the L.

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Deciding on a dating anniversary is easy if you meet on a blind date and then date consistently from then on.

But what about those of you who didn’t meet on blind dates or whose dating trajectories weren’t as linear?

star were just beginning what is now one of the most high-profile romantic pairings in the U. "They aren't rushing ahead at a ridiculous speed or making rash decisions," the insider explained, "But, yes, they love each other very much and neither could imagine being without the other."So in honor of their whirlwind romance and one-year anniversary, take a trip down memory lane with Prince Harry and Meghan by reliving their love story one meet-cute at a time.

From their trips back and forth between London and Toronto (where the actress is currently based), undercover rendezvous to locales like Norway and Jamaica and all of their highly-anticipated debuts at public events, things between Meghan and Harry seem nothing short of swell. News the couple is "in an extremely solid and happy place at the moment," though it's unclear how they plan to celebrate their relationship milestone.

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