Accommodating diverse learners in the classroom mauritian dating agency

Accommodating diverse learners in the classroom

The sad thing is that most students are carrying in their pockets a more powerful computing device than the vast majority of computers in our underfunded schools—and we don't allow them to use it.

When we present the flipped classroom to educators, we usually get an ooh-ahh reaction from our audiences, which are primarily made up of adults who did not grow up with the always-on digital world.

Isn't it about time we embraced digital learning and used it to help our students learn, instead of telling them they can't learn with today's tools?

It seems preposterous to us that schools have not embraced this change.

We encourage our students to bring in their own electronic equipment because, frankly, it is better than our school's antiquated technology. Many are overprogrammed, going from one event to the next.