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Towns and villages that did not rebel were spared and in Galilee they were the majority.

Coins minted in the city at the time of the Great Revolt carried the inscription Neronias and Eirenopolis, "City of Peace".

The Roman Governor in Syria, Varus is reported by Josephus - perhaps in an exaggeration, since archaeology has failed to verify traces of the conflagration - to have burnt the city down, and sold its inhabitants into slavery. At the time of Jesus, Sepphoris was a large, Roman-influenced city.

Reza Aslan describes it at the time of Jesus's growing into maturity one mile away in the following terms: Rich, cosmopolitan, deeply influenced by Greek culture, and surrounded by a panoply of races and religions, the Jews of Sepphoris were the product of the Herodian social revolution - the nouveaux riches who rose to prominence after Herod's massacre of the old priestly aristocracy.' The inhabitants of Sepphoris did not join the Great Jewish Revolt against Roman rule of 66 CE.

During this period, control changed over Saffuriya several times.