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So much so, that I could only wear this on date night. I'm always slightly aggrieved to purchase Tom Ford's as the price is outrageous but this really is a wonderful scent and certainly a luxury treat!

It's too naughty for daytime, and too refined for anything other than an intimate night spent alone with your partner (in other words, not a clubbing/party fragrance). This is my first ever review and I love this scent.

My husband bought this perfume at the duty-free in the airport and he told me that, the tester was so strong and long-lasting.

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Then the guy said, "you smell like my mother." She wears Obsession. Yeah, I REALLY like this but not enough to buy a full priced bottle. Take 2 - Morticia is walking through the family cemetery in the night, the air is humid and smells like wet leaves and soil. So far, I am impressed with the performance and projection of this scent.

Take 3 - Morticia is preparing some mysterious potion consisting of dried saffron, vanilla seeds & tuber essence. A bit of saffron in the beginning then the rich dark rose blooms in full splendor. I grew up in the middle east, and I reckon that a majority of the Saudi people I encountered wear Nd N.

I understand it all falls under the 'Tom Ford' name but after ten years we deserve to know the truth! A fine pick from the private line's greatest hits collection. It doesn't throw punches at people like some of Tom Ford's louder scents. Anyway back to the performance of the scent, it smells like a mixture of pat-vanilla-rose, and so far I cannot smell oud or chocolate in any of its phase.

It's an earthy rose infused with cacao and refined patchouli. There is definitely a hint of chocolate but it's far from gourmand. But it does seem a little weak, and if I'm going to spend that kind of money I want something with a little more oomph. I purchased this perfume back in August, and I was saving it for a rather special occasion. My nose is acoustomed to oud, and so far, I detect none.

It might be of interest to those of you who love a layered rose scent.