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Utility World tries to slog through all the alphabet soup and write in good old English. Decode our lapses thusly: Acronym Definition FC Tornado on the ground // Parallel transmission (simulcast) on -- /// Cloud layer below observing station 1 LT first lieutenant 2 LT second lieutenant 220SMA 220 (MHz) Spectrum Management Assn (Amateur) 2600 (1)2600 Hz, audio frequency used for US telephone idle tones 2600 (2)Hack/Phreak magazine, named in honor of above 2600 (3)Use of tone-spoofing equipment to control phone switches; now a good way to get caught phreaking and go to jail 2G ALE Second generation automatic link establishment 32BDA 32-Bit Disk Access (Windoze) 3F Three-figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 3FG Three-figure code groups 3G ALE Third generation automatic link establishment 3G-TM Third Generation Traffic Management Protocol 3L Three-letter code groups 3LG Three-letter code groups 4F Four figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 4FG Four figure code groups 4L Four-letter code groups 4LG Four-letter code groups 5 by 5 (1) Signal report: readability 5, strength 5 5 by 5 (2) Signal report: you are loud and clear 5F Five-figure code groups (mixed or all numbers) 5FG Five-figure code groups 5L Five-letter code groups 5LG Five-letter code groups 73 Old telegraphy slang: "Best regards" 81-81 Strange Russian teleprinting system, popular in Cuba 88 Old telegraphy slang: "Love and kisses" 89/336/EEC European electromagnetic compatibility directive A Altimeter setting A Index 24-hour magnetic activity index, lower=better A&P Airframe & Powerplant, U. aircraft mechanic certificate a/c Aircraft A/G Air to ground A0 AM carrier with no modulation, now N0N A1 (Alpha-1) Aircraft maintenance status: no writeups; plane OK A1A Morse telegraphy for aural copy, i.e."CW" A2 (Alpha-2) Status: write up non-mission-critical system A2A Modulated CW telegraphy for aural copy, i.e.SPF Shortest Path First SPI Service Provider Interface SPINCOM Special Intelligence Communications Spkr Speaker SPL Sound Pressure Level SPL/1 High-Order Signal Processing Language #1 SPO Security, plans, and operations SPOD Seaport of debarkation SPS Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (of IRAC) SPSS Space Surveillance Squadron Spt Support SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange SQ squalls sqdn Squadron SQL Structured Query Language (computer databases) SR Special Reconnaissance (SR-71 "Blackbird") SRA Specialized repair activity SRAM Static Random Access Memory SRB Solid-Rocket Booster(s), NASA Space Shuttle, recovered by BRV SRMS Smart Resource Management System SRWBR Short Range Wide Band Radio SS (1)Transmission is in Spanish SS (2)Sandstorm SSA Supply support activity SSB Single Sideband SSC Sudden Storm Commencement (geophysics) SSE South-southeast SSF Southern Straits of Florida SSG The Space Systems Group SSI Server Side Includes (web) SSI Space Science Institute SSID Secondary Station Identifier (packet) SSL Secure Sockets Layer (encrypted TCP/IP computer networking) SSN (1) Sunspot Number SSN (2) Nuclear Submarine (US Navy) SSN Social Security Number (same as TIN - FCC forms) SSOM Spanish language numbers transmission, male voice SSPAR Solid State Power Amplifier-Receiver SSR (1)Secondary Surveillance Radar SSR (2)Soviet Socialist Republic (obsolete) SSR/IFF Secondary Surveillance Radar/Identification Friend or Foe SSRAM Synchronous Static Random Access Memory SSRC Single Sideband, Reduced Carrier SSSC Single Sideband, Suppressed Carrier SST (1)Supersonic Transport (aircraft) SST (2)Sea Surface Temperature SSTV Slow Scan Television SSW South-southwest SSYL Spanish language numbers transmission, female voice ST Send Timing (EIA-449) STA (1)Status (packet) STA (2)Special Temporary Authority (from FCC, to do something) STAJ Short Term Anti-Jam (makes gurgling noise on-air) STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO) STAR SHARES Transportable Auxiliary Radio STARC State Area Command (Army NG) STARS Secure Tactical Army Radio System STARS-V Secure Tactical Army Radio System-VHF STAT Old CP/M status command, replaced in version 3.0 STCICS Strike Command Integrated Communications System (RAF) STD (1)Standard STD (2)Solar-Terrestrial Dispatch, Canadian auroral warning center STG Satellite Tracking Group STK Strike Control Stn Station STP Shielded Twisted Pair (cable) STPD standard temperature, pressure, dry STRATCOM U. Strategic Command STS Space Transport System, the "Space Shuttle" STSA Standard Telemedicine System Architecture STT Shore Targeting Terminal STU Secure Telephone Unit STU-III Secure Telephone Unit, Third Generation STX Start Of Text (ASCII) SUB Substitute (ASCII) SUNA Sudan News Agency Super DARN Super Dual Auroral Radar Network suppl supplement SURFnet Dutch academic network SUV Sport-Utility Vehicle SV-CW-C Greek Telegraphy Club, aka GTC svcs services SVP (1)Single Line Variety Package (telco) SVP (2)Si Vous Plait ("If you please" in French) SW (1)Shortwave (high frequency - HF) SW (2)Southwest SWBC Short Wave Broadcasting SWED-ARQ Swedish ARQ teleprinter system, used by that country SWG Short Wave Fadeout (ionospheric disturbance) SWI Special World Interval, unscheduled radio astronomy observation period caused by solar event SWL Shortwave Listener SWR (1)Standing Wave Ratio SWR (2)Surface-Wave Radar SWS Standard Workstation (US Coast Guard) SX (1) Simplex SX (2) Old Hallicrafters prefix, usually meant radio had xtal filter SYN Synchronous Idle SYNOP Synoptic weather reports (from surface observations) Sysop System Operator, the king on a BBS t Time (in seconds) T (1)US Coast Guard C3 office, DC; aka G-T T (2)Boston transit system T-Plex 8-frequency duplex ARQ teleprinter system T/R Transmit/Receive switching T1 Relatively high speed data connection over phone line tac tactical TAC Tactical Air Command, now ACC TAC Technical Advisory Committee TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System TACAMO Take Charge And Move Out (US Navy CP aircraft) TACAN Tactical Air Navigation TACC (1)Tanker/Airlift Command Center (US AMC) TACC (2)Tactical Aircraft Control Center (US) TACFIRE Tactical fire direction system TACS Terminal Access Conversion Service (UK) TACS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System TACSAT Tactical satellite TACSATCOM tactical satellite communications TADIL Tactical Digital Information Link (US) TAF Terminal Area Forecast, weather at airports, like on VOLMET TAI International Atomic Time TAL Transoceanic Abort Landing (space shuttle) TALCE Tanker Air Lift Control Element TANJUG Old Yugoslav news agency TAO Tactical Action Officer TAOC Tactical Air Operations Center TAP Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (paging) TAPR Tuscon (AR) Amateur Packet Radio, ham software source tar Tape Archive, Unix backup/archive program TAS True Air Speed TASMA Two-meter Area Spectrum Management Assn. (RTTY) WSHFT wind shift WSM Weapon system manager WSMR White Sands Missile Range (NM) WSO Weapon Systems Officer ("Whizzo") WSRO Weapon system replacement operations WSTF White Sands Test Facility (NM) WSW West-southwest WT (1)Walkie-talkie WT (2)Wireless Telegraph (Morse or RTTY) WTB (1)Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (FCC) WTB (2)Want To Buy (radio swap ads) WTGB 140' Icebreaking Tug (USCG) WU Western Union WUN World Utility News, Internet group, maintains large e-mail list, rhymes with "one" WW Weather Warning WWABNCPP Worldwide Airborne National Command Post Program WWMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System, obsolescent WWV NIST standard frequency & time station, Boulder, CO WWVB NIST Boulder, CO, low frequency standard broadcast WWVH NIST standard frequency & time station, Kekaha, HI WWVL Old NBS low-frequency time stn, no longer on air WWW World Wide Web, aka W3, www, Web, World Wide Wait Wx Weather WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get (computers) X (1) Reactance, in ohms X (2)(Also "Xray") prosign for end of sentence X-band (1)8-12 GHz microwave band X-band (2)Expanded AM band, 1610-1720 k Hz X-windows Standard windowing system for networks (usually Unix) [~] XCHS Extended Cylinder, Head, Sector (addressing) xcvr Transceiver xfmr Transformer xistor Transistor xmit Transmit mode XML Extensible Markup Language XMODEM Async file transfer protocol, uses 128-byte or 1K packets, over direct links, not Internet XMS Expanded Memory System (IBM PC, different spec from EMS) xmsn Transmission xmt Transmit mode xmtr Transmitter XO Executive officer Xon/Xoff Computer serial flow control, usually using DC3/DC1 (^S/^Q) xponder Transponder XSL Extensible Style Language XT Extra Value (PC-XT was first IBM PC with a hard disk; obsolete) xtal Crystal XTP e Xpress Transfer Protocol (computers) XXX (1)CW prefix: traffic is urgent (same as SECURITE) [~] XXX (2)Set of standards for X.25 PAD packet networking XYL Wife ("ex-young lady") Y2K Year 2000, or resulting computer bugs (geekspeak) YAHOO Yet Another Heirarchical Officious Oracle; may be a back-formation, as guys who started Yahoo!

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) RMS (3)Root Mean Square RMS (4)Remote Mine Sweeping RMS (5)Radar Manual Systems RMS (6)Remote Manipulator System (space shuttle's robot arm) RMTN Region IV Meteorological Telecommunication Network rn Read News, usually the default Unix Usenet reader RN (1)Radio Netherlands RN (2)Royal Navy RN (3)Registered Nurse RNR Packet control frame: Receive Not Ready RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy RO Radio Officer (traditionally trained in Morse code) RO Receive Only ROA Remotely Operated Aircraft ROC (1)Regional Operating Center (FEMA/NCS) ROC (2)Rear operations center ROCC Regional Operations Control Center ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing (Internet, also ROTFL) ROFOR Route Forecast Roger Voice Prosign: Message Received (from "R" in Morse code) ROLAP relational on-line analytical processing (databases) ROM Read Only Memory (can't easily be changed) ROMPRES Romanian press agency RON Remain Over Night (US military) ROSE RATS Open System Environment (Packet) ROTATE Radar Observations of Tornadoes And Thunderstorms Experiment ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing (Internet, also ROFL) ROTHR Relocatable (HF) Over-The-Horizon Radar ROTR Receive-Only Typing Reperforator (tape printer) ROVER Remote Out-of-Vehicle Emergency Radio (LAPD) RP (1)Received Pronunciation (British radio "accent") RP (2)Reporting Party (Police) RPA Remote Passphrase Authentication RPG Report Program Generator (strange IBM computer language) RPI Runway Point of Intercept rpm Rotations per minute RPM Red (Hat) Package Manager (Linux) RPN Reverse Polish Notation (computing) rpt (1) Reception report rpt (2) CW prosign: repeat Rptr Repeater RQ Repeat Request RQS Request to send (modem handshaking line, rare name for RTS) RR (1)Transmission is in Russian RR (2)Radio Regulation (ITU) RR (3)Railroad (don't laugh, some use HF) RR (4)Packet control frame: Receive Ready RRC Regional Radio Conference (ITU) RRP Runway Reference Point RRSS Radparker Relay Spam Stopper RRx Routine Report, where x is a sequential letter, used for delayed METAR RS (1)radiated susceptibility RS (2)range squadron RS (3)reentry system RS (4)requirements submission RS (5)resource scheduling RS (6)Radio Satellite (Russian amateur) RS (7)EIA Recommended Standard, RS-232 was one RS Record Separator (ASCII) RS-232 Recommended Standard 232, standard serial I/O, now EI-232 RSA (1) Rivest-Shamir-Adelman, inventors of a proprietary type of public-key encryption RSA (2)Republic of South Africa rsh Restricted shell (Unix) RSN Real Soon Now (when everything is going to happen) RSO Range Safety Officer RSOC Regional SIGINT Operation Center (like Menwith, UK) RSS Radio Subsystem RST (1)Signal report: Readability, Strength, [Tone] (if CW) RST (2)Reset RSVP (1)Resource Reservation Protocol RSVP (2)Repondez Si'Vous Plait (Please Respond, party invitations) RT (1)Radiotelephone RT (2)Receiver-transmitter RT (3)Receive Timing RT routing table RTB Return to base RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics RTCE Reat-Time Channel Evaluation RTCM Radio Technical Commission for Maritime (service) RTCP Real Time Control Protocol RTD Return to duty RTDC Real time data controller RTF (1)Radiodiffusion Television Francais RTF (2)Runtime file RTFM Read the [fine] manual RTFMS Real-Time (HF) Frequency Management Software RTLS (1)Return to launch site RTLS Real-Time Locating Systems RTO (1)Responsible Test Organization (US) RTO (2)Radiotelephone Operator (LAPD) RTO (3)Range training officer RTOK Retest OK RTOS Real Time Operating System RTS Request To Send (secondary handshaking modem line) RTT Radioteletype RTTY Radioteletype RTZ Return To Zero RVR Runway Visual Range RVRNO RVR system not available RWI radio wire integration (changed to NRI-net radio interface) RWR Radar Warning Receiver RWY runway RX (1)Receiver RX (2)Religious programming RX (3)Retransmission RXD Received Data (Serial I/O) RY RYRYRY teleprinter test call RZ Return to Zero S south S-band 1.55-5.2 Ghz microwave band s/n Serial number S/N Signal/Noise ratio s/off Sign off s/on Sign on s/w software (computer programs and instructions) S1 Adjutant (US Army) S2 Intelligence Officer (US Army) S3 Operations and Training Officer (US Army) S3A Supervised Standard Scientific Analysis S4 Supply Officer (US Army) SA (1)South Atlantic SA Situational Awareness SA (2)Sand SAA South Atlantic Anomaly, a large magnetic deviation SAAF Small Austere Air Field SAAFR Standard use Army Aircraft Flight Route SABM Packet control frame: Set Async Balanced Mode (connect) SAC Strategic Air Command, now part of US Stratcom SACCS Strategic Automated Command & Control System SACEUR Supreme Allied Command(er) Europe SACLANT Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic SAE Self Addressed Envelope (usually with IRC or "green stamp") SAFE Selected Area For Evasion SAGE Semi-Automated Ground Environment (early, huge, USAF system) SAID Sub-Auroral Ion Drift SALS Short Approach Lighting System SAM (1)Special Air Mission (US Air Force VIP flight) SAM (2)South America (MWARA) SAM (3)Surface-to-Air missile SAMCOM Special Air Missions Communications ("Mystic Star") SANA Syrian Arab News Agency SAO South Atlantic Ocean SAO Surface Aviation Observation (weather) SAP Soon As Possible, when every radio project has to be done SAR (1)Search and rescue SAR (2)Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR (3)Station Availability Report (SHARES) SARAH Standard Automated Remote to Autodin Host SAREX Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment SARNET NOAA SARSAT Network SARSAT Search And Rescue Satellite SART (1) Survival Craft Radar Transponder SART (2) Search And Rescue Transponder SASE Self Addressed Stamped Envelope SAT (1)South Atlantic (MWARA) SAT (2)Satellite SAT (3)Saturday SATAN Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks SATCOM Satellite communication SATERN Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network SAVASI Simplified Abbreviated Visual Approach Slope Indicator SB (1)Standby (EIA-449) SB (2)Sierra Bravo, son of a [female dog] SBA Small Business Administration SBE Society of Broadcast Engineers SC Sudden commencement (of a magnetic storm; causes fadeouts) SCA (1)Subsidiary Communications Authorization (US commercial FM) SCA (2)Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (NASA's modified 747 for transporting orbiter) SCAT Strategic Communications (Continuing) Assessment Program SCCS satellite communications control system SCDCC Southern California Digital Communications Council (Amateur) SCI San Clemente Island (USN, CA) SCN (1)System Coordination Net (US Coast Guard) SCN (2)SHARES Coordination Net (US NCS/SHARES) SCO (1)Subcarrier oscillator SCO (2)Santa Cruz Organization, a software source SCOPE System Capable Of Planned Expansion (Scope Command) SCPC Single channel per carrier SCPT Single channel per transponder SCR Silicon controlled rectifier SCRAM Scramble; automated fast shutdown of nuclear reactor [~] SCRRBA Southern California Repeater/Remote Base Assn (Amateur) SCS Satellite Control Squadron SCSI Small Computer System Interface ("scuzzy") SCSL stratocumulus standing lenticular cloud SCT Scattered clouds SDF Simplified Directional Facility SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDI Strategic Defense Initiative, U. space money sink SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control, bitwise computer comm protocol SDLP Station Data Link Protocol SDNRIU Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory SDSL Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line SDU Secure data unit SDX Semi-duplex SE Southeast SEA Southeast Asia (MWARA) SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses SEAL Sea, Air, Land (US Navy special op teams) SEAM Space Emergency Action Message SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organization (now ASEAN) sec Second SECAF Secretary of the Air Force SECAM (1)SEquentiel Couleur A Memoire, weird French TV standard, adopted by Russian bloc to keep out Western TV SECAM (2)Simply Everything Contrary to America SECDEF Secretary of Defense (US) SECT SHARES Emergency Coordination Team SECURE State Emergency Capability Using Radio Effectively SECURITE Prosign: safety traffic follows; uses FF pronunciation SEE-CURE-EE-TAY SEE Stimulated Electromagnetic Emissions SELCAL Selective Calling (tones or numbers) SELFEC Selective FEC SELSCAN Proprietary name for Collins scanning ALE HF radio system SENSE Synthetic Environments for National Security Estimates SEP Solar Energetic Particle Event (observation interval) SES Ship Earth Station SESC Space Environmental Services Center SESEF Ship Electronic Systems Evaluation Facility (US Navy) SETI Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (by radio) SEVOCOM Secure voice communications SEW Space & Electronic Warfare SF Special Facility SFA Single Frequency Approach SFC surface SFCG Space Frequency Coordination Group SFDU Standard formatted data unit SFF Small Form Factor (hard disks) SFU Solar flux unit SG Signal ground SG snow grains SGIN Subgroup Identification Number (FCC) SGML (1)Standard Generalised Markup Language SGML (2)Standard Generalized Markup Language SGRAM Synchronous Graphic Random Access Memory SGT Sergeant sh Bourne Shell, originally the Unix default command interpreter SH (Rain) Showers SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe SHARES SHAred RESources, part of US Federal NCS SHF super high frequency SHTTP Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (web) SI (1)Systeme Internationale d'Unites; a standard unit system SI (2)Shift In (ASCII) SID Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (solar flare effect) SIG (1)Signature [~] SIG (2)Special Interest Group SIGCEN signal center [~] SIGINT Signals Intelligence [~] SIGMET Significant Meteorological warning signals [~] SILENCE MAYDAY Voice prosign: frequency is on standby for distress traffic; uses FF pronunciation SEE-LONCE MAY-DAY SIMM Single In-line Memory Module SIMMS Single In-line Modular Memory System SIMOP Simultaneous Operation (of radios; an interference standard) Simul Simulcast SINAD signal-plus-noise-plus-distortion to noise-plus-distortion ratio SINCGARS Single-Channel Ground/Airborne Radio System SINPFEMO Signal report: adds modulation and propagation details SINPO Signal report: adds Noise, Propagation to SIO SINS Ship's Inertial Navigation System SIO (1)Signal report: Strength, Interference, Overall (1-5) SIO (2)Serial Input/Output SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan SIPRNET Secret IP Router Network SIS (1)Secret Intelligence Service (aka MI6, UK) SIS (2)Scramble Information Service (Dutch planespotter network) SITFAA Inter-American Air Forces Telecommunications Network (Spanish) SITOR (1) Simplex Teleprinting Over Radio SITOR (2) Simplex Telex Over Radio SITOR-A Simplex teleprinting over radio system, mode A (ARQ) SITOR-B Simplex teleprinting over radio system, mode B (FEC) SITREP Situation report SITSTAT Situation status SJA Staff judge advocate SK CW prosign: "End of transmission," usually written VA SKC Sky clear SKYWARN NWS/ARRL amateur severe weather spotting network SLB Single Letter Beacon (Russian Navy marker xmsn) SLBM Sea-Launched Ballistic Missile SLEP Service Life Extension Program SLIP Serial-Line Internet Protocol, older than PPP SLOC Sea lines of communication SLP (1)Seaward Launch Point SLP (2)sea-level pressure SLPNO sea-level pressure not available SLR Shielded Loop Receiver SLS Space Launch Squadron SM Statute Miles SMART (1)Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology SMART (2)Self-Managed Arrival Resequencing Tool SMART Segmented Method for Analytical Ray-Tracing SMB Server Message Block (Windows) SMF Special Message Field SMMW Sub-millimeter wave SMRS Specialized Mobile Radio System SMT Surface mount technology SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Internet) SN (1)Serial number SN (2)Snow SNA System Network Architecture SNAFU Situation Normal All [Fouled] Up SNINCR snow increasing rapidly SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol, computers SNR Signal to Noise Ratio SO (1)Sheriff's Office SO (2)Shift Out (ASCII) SO DIMM Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module SOAR Special Operations Air Regiment SOB Souls On Board, number of people on an aircraft SOCOM Special Operations Command (US Navy) SODIMM Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module SOF (1)Special Operations Forces SOF (2)Safety Of Flight SOH Start Of Heading (ASCII) SOHFRAD Special Operations High Frequency Radio SOHO (1)Solar Heliospheric Observatory (satellite at Lagrange point) SOHO (2)Small Office/Home Office (computing) SOI (1)Signal of interest SOI (2)Signal operation instructions SOI (3)Space Object Identification (NORAD) SOJ Small Outline J-lead SOL [Spit] Out of Luck SOLAS Safety Of Life At Sea (series of international treaties) Sonar Sound detection & ranging SONET Bell spec for data transmission over optical fiber SONGS San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station SOP Standing/Standard operating procedure SOPS Space Operations Squadron SOS Morse distress call, sent as one long character, replaced CQD [~] SOSB special operations support battalion SOSEC Surveillance Observation Satellite Evaluation Center SOSEX SOSUS Exercise SOSS (1)Sound Search Stations SOSS (2)Soviet Ocean Surveillance System SOSUS (1)Sound Surveillance Underwater System; network of hydrophones across Bering Straight to listen for Russian subs SOUTHCOM Southern Command SOW (1)Start Of Watch SOW (2)Statement Of Work SP (1)South Pacific (MWARA) SP (2)Silent Period (500 k Hz CW watch, obsolete) SP (3)Shore Patrol (US Navy MPs) SP (4)Space (RTTY) SPAC Spectrum Planning and Policy Advisory Committee SPACECOM US Space Command SPAR (1)Special Air Resources, US Air Force VIP flight SPAR (2)Seagoing Platform for Acoustic Research SPE Satellite Proton Event; solar-terrestrial disturbance SPECI (1)Aviation Selected Special Weather Report, from French SPECI (2)an unscheduled report taken when certain criteria have been met SPEEDX Society for the Preservation of the Engrossing Enjoyment of DXing.

I believe that an old "bug" key had this tradename as well. Space Command USSS United States Secret Service USSTRATCOM U. Strategic Command USTA United States Total Army USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command USVI US Virgin Islands UT (UT0 - UT3) Universal Time scales (corrected constantly) UTB Utility Boat UTC (1)Universal Time, Co-ordinated (corrected with leap sec.) UTC (2)Coordinated Universal Time UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair (hardwired networks) UUCP Unix-to-Unix Copy Program (Unix file transfer s/w) Uudecode Unix program, converts uuencoded files back to binaries Uuencode Unix program, converts binary files to ASCII for transfer uuf Micro-microfarad, now pf (picofarad) u V Microvolt UV Ultraviolet u W Microwatt UWB Ultra Wideband UXB Unexploded Bomb UXO Unexploded Ordnance v Velocity V (1)Voltage (electromotive force) V (2)Variable VA (1) CW prosign: "End of transmission" VA (2) Volt-amps (as in a power supply) VA (3) Veteran's Administration VA volcanic ash VAAA Voice Activated Auto Attendant (telco) VAAT Voice Activated Audio Text (telco) VAB Vehicle Assembly Building (NASA) VABP Voice Activated Blue Pages (telco) VAC Volts Alternating Current VAD Voice-Activated Dialing (telco) VADM Vice-Admiral VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base (CA) VAIVR Voice Activated Interactive Voice Response (telco) VAL Visiting Aircraft Line VANC Voice-Activated Network Control (telco) VAPD Voice Activated Premier Dialing (telco) VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator VAX (1)Variable Address Extension (old DEC Computer) VAX (2)English vacuum cleaner brand : ) VAX/VMS VAX Virtual Memory System, op-system for above VBI Vertical Blanking Interval (TV) v BNS Very high speed Backbone service (US) VBR Variable Bit Rate VBS Visual Basic Scripting (Microsoft security nightmare) VC in the vicinity Vcc Collector voltage VDC Volts Direct Current VDE Video Display Editor, at one time standard freeware CP/M & PC text editor VDSL Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line VDSL Very high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line VDT Video Display Terminal VDU Video Display Unit VE Volunteer Examiner (Amateur) VEC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (Amateur) VENONA Old US codeword for its USSR decryption program 1943-1980 [~] VESA Video Equipment Standards Association, computer displays VESREP Standard report from commercial fishing vessel VF (1)Voice frequency VF (2)Fighter squadron (USN) VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table (MS-Windows) VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator VFR Visual Flight Rules VFT Voice Frequency Telegraph (multiplex RTTY) VHF Very High Frequency (30-300 MHz) vi Visual Editor, full-screen text editor for Unix VICS Vehicle Information Communication System VIN Vehicle Identification Number VIP Very Important Person VIS visibility VISNO visibility at secondary location not available VLB VESA Local Bus, PC display bus, now usually done by the PCI VLF Very Low Frequency (3-30 k Hz) VLM Virtual Loadable Module (Novell) VM (1)Voice mirror VM (2)Virtual memory VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions VMS Virtual Memory System, good but obsolete DEC OS VNA Viet Nam News Agency Vne Absolute top speed of an aircraft; "do not exceed" VOA Voice Of America Vocoder Voice coder VOLMET Flight weather transmission, for planes in route Volt Unit of electrical potential, named for Alessandro Volta VOMUX Voice Multiplexer VOR (1)VHF Omnidirectional Ranging (Aircraft NAVAID) VOR (2)Voice Of Russia VORTAC Ground station combining VOR and TACAN VOX Voice operated switching VR (1)Voltage regulator VR (2)Visual Route (air training route) VRAM Video RAM VRB Variable wind VRC (1)Vehicular Radio Communications (AN/VRC-xxx) VRC (2)Vehicular radio configuration (Army) VRC (3)Vertical Redundancy Check, fancy name for parity (computers) VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language VROC Vertical rate of climb VSAT Very Small Aperture (Antenna) Terminal VSC Vertical Service Code (telco features - start with *) VSFC Virginia Space Flight Center, Wallops Island vsh Visual Shell, clunky full-screen command interpreter for Unix VSWR Voltage standing wave ratio VT Vertical Tab (ASCII) VTnnn Series of old DEC terminals, still a popular emulation code VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol VTVM Vacuum-tube voltmeter VV Vertical Visibility (of obscured sky) VVV CW test group Vx D Virtual Device Driver (MS-Windows) VXO Variable Crystal Oscillator VY CW brevity code: "Very" W Power, in watts W west W3C World Wide Web Consortium WA CW prosign: word after WABNRES Worldwide Airborne Resources (command a/c) WAC (1)Worked All Continents (amateur award) WAC (2)Women's Army Corps, obsolete WAC (3)World Aeronautical Chart WAD Wide-Area Domain (computer games) WAFS World Area Forecast System, satellite delivered air wx WAGB USCG designation for icebreaker WAGB Icebreaker (USCG) WAIS Wide-Area Information Server WAN Wide-Area Network WAN Wide-Area Network Station WARC World Administrative Radio Conference WARN Weather Amateur Radio Network, see SKYWARN WARP Weather and Radar Processor WAS (1)Wide-Area Surveillance WAS (2)Worked All States (US amateur award) WAS/MTI Wide Area Surveillance/Moving Target Identification WATS Wide Area Telephone Service WAZ Worked All Zones (amateur award) WB (1)CW prosign: word before WB (2)Wideband WB (1)Welcome Back (Internet) WB (2)Warner Bros (Good movie studio, lousy TV network) WBFM Wideband frequency modulation WCRP (1)World Climate Research Program WDC World Data Center, any of several for solar-terrestrial obs WE Western Electric WEFAX Weather Facsimile WFN War Fighter Net WG Working Group (ITU) WG/SO Working Group for Surface Observations WGI World Geophysical Interval (research observation period) WHCA White House Communications Agency WHEC High-Endurance Cutter (USCG) whoami Returns name you are logged in under (Unix) [~] whois Internet lookup program for finding people by querying servers [~] WIFCOM Wirefree communications (US Navy) Wilco Voice prosign: Will comply WIMP (1) Window, Icon, Mouse, Pointer (graphical interface) WIMP (2) Weakly Interacting Massive Particle WINSOCK Windows Sockets API, used for networking from Microsoft s/w WISE Web-Integrated Software metrics Environment WIX USCG designation for training barque Eagle Wkg Working WL Wordlength, size of basic data group (computing) WLB Seagoing Buoy Tender (USCG) WLI Inland Buoy Tender (USCG) WLIC Inland Construction Tender (USCG) WLL wireless local loop WLM Coastal Buoy Tender (Medium Endurance USCG vessel) WLR River Buoy Tender (USCG) WMEC Medium-Endurance Cutter (USCG) WMO World Meteorological Organization WMSCR Weather Message Switching Center Replacement WND wind WNW West-northwest WORM Write-Once Read-Many (CD-R, allows making own CD-ROMs) WPB Patrol Boat (USCG) WPM Words per minute WRC World Radio (Communications) Conference WRTH World Radio TV Handbook WRU Who Are You?

baud rate data pump speed BBC British Broadcasting Company BBN Backbone network BBS (1)Bulletin Board System (computer networking) BBS (2)Battery backup system BC (1)Broadcast BC (2)Back course BC (3)Patches (of sig.