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i have lived past so much in the years and so much has changed out there i have seen it all fade away. Ridgewood is a nice neighborhood but alot of spanish is moving in and its becoming bad.

Everyone says bensonhurst is a great area to live in.

Grew up in Bensonhurst in the 70's, always waxing poetic about Brooklyn. Henry This message is for Ambrose, I read your posts and was it was nice to read about my former teammate (in Kelly Park)and hockey buddy. Funny thing is I didn't want to move in the first place, until the whole Yusef Hawkins marches started. From around 1965-66, the 'Big Guys' then were Jimmy Emma, Vinny Mook, Papa Bear, Louie Ox, Louie Bop, Jerry Amore, Freddie Batman, Big Eddie, Matty Spero, mind goes blank.

Live in Florida now, still come home twice a year for a reunion with the guys I played basketball with at St. I also have been coaching high school hockey for over 20 years for Mamaroneck High School in Westchester where i also am a dentist Ricky Minoff Hey !! I moved when I was 15, so I was just a kid, but I remember hanging out at Cropsey park, or up on 86th st. The guys closer to my age were Ralph Martello (who painted the thing on the wall), Dominic Lips, Tony Eyeballs, Clayton, Joey Savella, Danny Pucciarello, Ricky, Giuiseppi, Georgie P., Franky Tat, Tommy Cow, Joey German...

eat a slice and have an italian ice afterwards.(rainbow was my favorite)And how could I forget the 18th and 20th Ave Feasts. Now that I live in FL I can appreciate these simple things that made my childhood so great! Y 3 to 4 times a year because my family is still there. I know I can't go back because there's nothing left. No one hanging out on the corners..the memories of what it was. I go back to visit a lot - all it does it make me realize how everything is over even though I feel nostalgic. They only come to USA to shop and check out American culture. As much, I doubt there are very many poor, slum Italians dying to run from Italy the past 20yrs to make a new home in USA as was the influx 100yrs ago.

186 school yard playing handball and running around with the neighborhood kids. I used to go shopping on 18th ave or on 86th st and remember Ceasars Bay ( i loved it there) It was always packed with people...Mike's Pizza on 20th ave..always the best! Growing up with the same people, going to the same schools..was like one big family! i have been married for 24 years with 8 kids,boy did things change.i will always love brooklyn the sights smells and memories that will stay with me a lifetime.nobody makes pizza like lennys or frozen bananas and caramel apples like coney island or the real nathans hot dogs,i have a tear in my 200 ill remember you forever. This is not true for New Yorkers...especially people from Brooklyn/Bensonhurst. I hung out on 20th Ave., went to the clubs in Bay Ridge, played in Marine Park, loved Spumoni Gardens - you know the deal. I escaped all the things I thought I hated, but miss them everyday. Ex-New Yorkers are like refugees with no home to return to.

now i moved away to see if theres more out there , but it will never be the same as the hurst.people up here get a kick out of the way i talk and act,and so do i of them. jose.darren ruben.chris.peter.riptommy all the guy from O. B who whrer older who raise me when i ran on those streets. Camille, did you remember Frankie Vitali or Peter , Joe-Joe, Cosco. Harvey, I remember before EJ Korrvetts was built, I used to go fishing in the inlet which hit Shore Road. ordering the kitchen sink ice cream plate if you could finish it you got it for free!