Vuze progress bar not updating

A good place to get one of these is from - if you look at the torrents there (click on the ' S' column) and select one with a decent number of seeds, this will give you a download that should download fast. Try again torrent_01 in Vuze to see if Vuze "loosened up". I mean on my first day when I put up the download it was working perfectly, fast (with my normal download speed) and it would finish in a few hours. But after I shut my PC down and turned it back on the next day, I found out that my download was stuck and won't budge at all, heck I waited around 5 hours and still no luck.

If this makes no progress then you almost definitely have a local issue that requires further investigation. I found out that I wasn't connected to any peers.

If you continue to be connected to 0 peers/seeds check the tracker status to see if the tracker is behaving - right-click on the download, select 'show details' and then click on the ' Sources' tab to show the status of the various peer sources. 8 hours later torrent_01 finished uploading in the other BT client. Now download torrent_04 and trying to start download in Vuze. Which indicates that either Vuze is not uninstalling some components, or Windows (or Java) changed some component (such as a .dll) that does not play nicely with Vuze.

Look to see if there are any error status messages against trackers. A good way to get a feel for the swarm is to go to the - this shows you details of all the peers you are connected to in the swarm and you can use it to see if other peers are successfully downloading while you are not. Load torrent_03, it loads just fine, download starts immediately. Trying once again to open (the already downloaded) torrent_01 in Vuze (to seed). In my case, the problem is that the "Options Dialog" (where you select folder/files destination and what files to download) does not open (which means I can not start a new download).

Alternatively you could seek out other sources for your download - often the same file will be included in multiple torrents, some of which may well be more active than the one you have happened to download. (I still don't know what seeds and peers are etc).