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In the film, Ruta tries to seduce Rojack after his initial fight with Deborah, but he doesn’t go for it.Then he returns to the bedroom to fight with Deborah again, which is the fight that results in her death.

that they printed up for Marlene Callahan, and that is saying something, believe me.

The strangest part about the article is that, besides being empty apple fritters and pretty nonsense, the endless stream of non sequitirs about Scandinavian idioms seemingly have almost nothing to do with the pictures. edit 11/2/12, 2.0: The late Joe Kubert, comic legend, also corresponded with me briefly in regard to this post.

I guess spite is as strong a writing motivator as enthusiasm. offered a $500 award for the winning entry and received 5,000 name suggestions from cinemaphiles throughout both hemispheres before wisely deciding to leave Susan — name and all — exactly as they’d found her.

“Some of the names submitted were pretty far out,” recalls Susan.

I can only conjecture that Cheryl Kubert was a stage name, because there is pretty much nothing known about her prior to her centerfold appearance or what she did following, other than that she had appeared in a bit part in the film Pal Joey in 1957. It makes those deep eyes seem much sadder to know that. It’s a longshot, but I’ll let you know what comes of it. Regards, Joe “The Kubert School, based in Dover, NJ offers students a high quality and challenging education in Cartooning and Graphic Art.” They also have correspondence courses. Tags:1958, b&w photography, boobs, breasts, Cheryl Kubert, comics, images, Jayne Mansfield, Joe Kubert, Mario Casilli, Miss February, Model Citizens, modeling, models, movies, naked, nipples, nsfw, nude, peace, photographs, photography, Pictures, pin up, pinup, playboy, playmate, Playmate Book, playmate of the month, pubic hair, quotes, rip, Self-audit, stills, suicide, topless, Valentine Vixen, Valentine Vixens, vintage, vintage playmate, writing Posted in Model Citizens, photography, Pictures, Playboy, quotes, Wonder Woman | 3 Comments » Miss August 1966 was the lovely and talented Susan Denberg, a cult hottie of yesteryear who is somewhat obscure today but still beloved by vintage sci-fi and Hammer horror film fans. A misogynistic bundle of bullshit — and that’s coming from me.