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Rubble and trash has been piled up to form a makeshift barricade at one end of the street in an effort to keep out looters and locals have armed themselves with sticks and axes for protection.

' the mother-of-four demanded to know.'People would come here to walk up and down taking photos.

Now you see only a dead place.'The nature here was precious.

Even the soldiers are too scared to come here.'The worst of the damage centers on a two-mile strip of Street Number 3 where blacked-out homes and restaurants lead toward a sun-drenched tropical beach reduced to a maze of fallen palm trees.

Wealthier residents fled long ago but the handful of poor families marooned here with no cash or transport face a daily nightmare to find enough food and water amid the rancid squalor.

Petrified residents including retired US Army infantryman Angel Verrios, 71, prepare to bed down for yet another night in hell.'I don't feel well.