freshclam not updating - Updating movable type

It’s not an official API, but it’s good enough to allow outside services to access Plurk from the outside.

It isn’t Twitterfeed either, but what it did was allow people such as myself to see that it’s possible to access the system from the outside.

When I used Twitter, it meant that I used Twitterfeed to create Tweets from the entries that I posted here.

updating movable type-13

One of the more common problems you may find is an error message such as this one – when you cannot redeclare the ‘MT’ class, it will prevent the entire dynamic publishing subsystem from starting up, and you will be dead in the water!

Continue reading Have you run into this error while trying to update your plugins from the legacy-style Perl format to a brand-spanking-new YAML layout, only to find that you can’t seem to figure out just what the problem is? You do have to look a little bit, but you actually are not missing a semicolon or a brace or anything along those lines.

I am stuck on the last open source version of the blog software Movable Type before Movable Type went back to being a paid/professional offering only.

My host recently updated the Debian OS version and it apparently came with a more up-to-date version of Perl.

That’s the template you need to go to, and in that template, you need to check for the missing value, to determine what you need to do next.

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